PSR-700 4” Sandwich Round
oz. PB

PFI-720 5” Sandwich round
60/4.5 PB

A Traditional French round.
The crisp crust provides distinctive texture for burgers and upscale sandwich creations.

LRS-790 4” Sliced Brioche 

 84/2.75 oz. FB 

JBR-882 4 ½” Sliced Brioche

 84/3.4 oz. FB New Item

An authentic brioche dough made with milk, butter and eggs that results in a bun with a WOW factor.

BSR-255 Seeded Panzano/Mini Scali

65/4.5 oz. PB

This hand braided Italian loaf, sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds on top, makes a great sandwich or a unique and tasty table bread.

STP-262 Sourdough Tuscan
oz. PB

OWT-282 Wheat Tuscan

60/4.25 oz. PB

Great for grilling and creating upscale sandwiches, the Sourdough Tuscan has a great natural sour flavor due
to its long fermentation process.

SFR-200 French 8” Sandwich

60/4 oz. PB

A great tasting French sandwich roll is a crowd favorite for deli sandwiches or table bread. Its light crusty exterior and moist interior, makes it one of our most requested items!

HWL-230 8” Honey Wheat Grain Loaf

60/3.75 oz. FB

This loaf is the ideal bread for two or three, serve it warm with butter. Rich brown color, made with a grain-filled dough and light moist interior that releases a tempting aroma when you break it open.

FSR-215 French 11” Sandwich
oz. PB

Build a sandwich on this longer version of our 8” sandwich roll and
you will be sure to satisfy any appetite! Crusty outside with a moist crumb inside.

FSR-008 Small Italian Sub Roll
60/3.3 oz. FB
New Item

FSR-010 Medium Italian Sub Roll

36/3.67 oz. FB New Item

FSR-012 FB Large Italian Sub roll

36/4.3 oz. FB New Item

These hearth-baked sliced rolls have a great appearance, flavor and shelf life. Make a sub your customers will remember!