RSF-605 Rosemary Sheet Focaccia

5/6 lbs. FB

HSF-604  ½ Sheet Rosemary Focaccia 10/3 lbs. FB

Made in the tradition of Italian flavors, this crusty outside and moist and tasty inside, makes a great combination for upscale sandwiches, table bread assortment or with soups and salads.

RSQ-322 4x4 Ciabatta

SFC-368 5x5 Ciabatta

60/4 oz. FB

Our 4 x 4 Ciabatta is perfect for sandwiches. Once you cut the crusty outside, the inside reveals the rustic smell and open cell structure that comes with the long fermentation process of this product.

QSF-620 ¼ Sheet Ciabatta
25/15 oz. FB

A traditional Ciabatta with a wonderful open cell structure and firm crust. Use for sandwiches, salad strips or table bread.

EHB-814 3x7 Ciabatta
/3.5 oz. FB

A smaller size to the quarter sheet, this makes a great upscale sandwich with its open cell structure and crusty exterior.

RQF-610 Rosemary Square Focaccia 60/3.25 oz. FB

With its thin crust and moist interior, it is hard to miss the aroma of hot rosemary bread. With its artisan design and taste, it makes a delightful sandwich or along with side soups and salads!

PRF-270 Rosemary Round Focaccia

60/4 oz. PB

A round version of our Rosemary focaccia in a par baked state. Great
for sandwiches or table bread.