BAG-300 French Baguette

30/10 oz. PB

A traditional French style baguette,
it bears the classic crust and the moist, even crumb which has long since been a key to its versatility. Just have it plain, for sandwiches or lather in garlic butter for a super garlic bread.

EBG-332 Artisan Baguette

30/11 oz. FB

A natural baguette made with a relaxed dough, hand scored and a light flour dusting. Thaw and serve or heat for a crusty finish.

IPB-404 Italian Baguette 

25/13 oz. PB

A twist, but wider, on the classic
made with an Italian dough.


EPL-420 French Parisian

20/16 oz. PB

This traditional French dough has
golden crust and moist interior.
Our widest
and largest loaf.
A perfect choice for garlic bread, sandwiches or table bread.

FMB-500 French Boule

30/8 oz. PB

FMB-50FR French Boule Fact  

40/6.5 oz. PB

An amazing presentation for soups, stews, dips, and salad. Cut-off the top, scoop out and fill with tuna salad, thick beef stew or hearty chowder.

MSB-510 Mini Soup Boule
oz. PB

This diminutive, 4.5 oz. boule is a smaller version of our boule. Serves well as a table bread or a container for hot soup or creamy dips.

CSB-515  Crown Breton

60/4.5 oz. PB

The crown jewel, this bread could be used as a pull-apart roll, a mini boule or even as an upscale sandwich for burgers.


IBW-430 Italian Bread 

18/16 oz. PB

This bread is made in the tradition
of handcrafted Italian bread. Thin

crusty outside with a soft  and wonderfully crumb inside. Perfect
for table bread and accompaniment
to pasta dishes.

BPA-988 Brioche Loaf 

8/16 oz.

Our true brioche recipe made with Milk, Butter and Eggs in a loaf form
re-sale, French toast or a
breakfast buffet.


SBL Sliced Large Brioche  

10/18.5 oz. FB

Same great loaf in a larger size and sliced for use as French toast or grilled sandwiches.