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JSH-240 Traditional Pull-apart Roll 240/1.5 oz. FB

BPP-743 Banquet Pull-apart Roll
384/1 oz. FB

Our ORIGINAL home style roll made with care, hand scored and flour dusted. Extremely versatile as table bread or sliders. A real winner! 

WPA-142 Wheat Pull-apart Roll
240/1.5 oz. FB

The same care is taken in making this wheat version of the ORIGINAL.

BPA-106 Brioche Pull-apart Roll

240/1.5 oz. FB

This new variation combines a butter and egg dough into a unique and appealing roll suitable for table bread or sliders.

OPB-792 Onion and Poppy Seed

240/1.5 oz. FB

Our own brioche recipe in a pull-apart with the added aroma and flavors of onion and poppy seed.


TFR-115 Traditional Dinner Roll PB

BTR-842 BAKED version New Item

Both 180/1.3 oz.

A true classic, made from a long fermented dough resulting in a thin crust and moist interior. A roll your guests are sure to remember.


FAS-129 Assorted Dinner Roll
252/1.3 oz. PB

Packaged: 72-ea / French, Wheat  and Onion Dill. 36 Sourdough

This assortment is a favorite for it satisfies everyone’s taste buds and
has such a multitude of uses.


FDR-100 French Dinner Roll

180/1.3 oz. PB

Our French dinner roll with a crispy crust and a delicate interior, is a tasty addition to your meal. Perfect in a bread-basket.


DWR-145 Wheat Dinner Roll

180/1.3 oz. FB

The wheat dinner rolls, textured
with a grain-filled crust, and light
moist interior with tempting aroma
are perfect for event and functions,
served on a rustic breadboard
or in a basket.


FBS-800 French Breadstick

180/1.3 oz. PB

This traditional breadstick is hand scored and adds a twist to any bread basket. Use for soups, salads and children’s menus.


GBS-810 Garlic Breadstick

180/2 oz. PB

Prepared with fresh roasted garlic, blended with extra virgin olive oil and topped on our hand scored breadstick,
will surely entice and delight your customers. A great compliment for
soups and pastas!



CAR-180 Ciabatta Dinner Rolls

210/1.4 oz. FB New Pack

These little square delights bring a unique, eye-catching presentation
and variety to your table. These
mini-Ciabatta’s are crusty on
and moist on the inside.
Try as a slider.



SLD-108 Slider Brioche Whole

160/1.25 oz. FB 

SSR-110 Slider Brioche Sliced

160/1.25 oz. FB

Our real brioche in a smaller size,
or sliced for sliders, dinner
rolls and children’s menus.