EUB-375 Baguette
30/10 oz. FB

A true European-style bread with incredible eye appeal, open cell
structure and an aroma to please
the senses. 

EAC-389 Ciabatta Baguette
30/10 oz. FB

A squared-off baguette that makes great table bread or sandwich creations to-die-for!


EDB-308 Demi Baguette 11”

50/5 oz. FB

Sandwich size baguette and a great
sub roll with knock out eye appeal
and flavor. Perfect for the breadbasket, as well. Sub rolls of the future will strive to look like this.

EHB-814 Ciabatta Sandwich
80/3.5 oz. FB

A portion size that's ideal for a tasty sandwich or table bread.


TBD Tuscan Ciabatta Breadstick

150/1.5 oz. FB

A great twist on bread sticks which
adds eye appeal and flavor. Perfect for the breadbasket and pasta dishes.

TBS-983 Tuscan Garlic Ciabatta Breadstick 150/1.5 oz. FB

A tasty version of our ciabatta bread sticks, made with fresh garlic and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

ABG-887 Gourmet Boule
oz. FB

Made with a special, relaxed dough
for an upscale twist on an industry favorite. Time is flavor in bread.